Wayfinding Practice Program for Leaders

Wayfinding Practice Program is a six-month experience of crossing a threshold to what is next for you. It is a journey from managing change--or being managed by it--to inhabiting and redirecting change that is already underway. It involves going out to the wild (and/or holy) and finding your way in the unknown.

Beyond Professional Development

We want to move beyond Professional Development (PD), cross a threshold into the wayfinding territory, and help you discover and achieve what matters the most to you.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the contact form so we can discern whether we would be great companions for this journey.

The Approach

The world is changing much faster than our organizations, our institutions, or our professions. Focusing on leadership skills is no longer the best use of our time and energy.

We want to become competent fully human beings, create our shared post-threshold lives, and contribute to what is needed now in the world.

We will meet this human moment by developing our most valuable human capacity of wayfinding: surviving and thriving in the unknown.

The Content

You will have an opportunity to move through the complexity of your experience and pursue the mastery of living, loving, and leading as you go. As opposed to roadmaping, wayfinding skills are irreducible and innate human capacities that we can improve.

You already know them. Yet, you might not know that you know them. I will offer these concepts to you for discernment, experimentation, improvement, and appropriation:

  1. Arrive at the unknown.

  2. Befriend the unknown.

  3. Become an apprentice to your own life.

  4. Become an immigrant rather than a hero.

  5. Discover your sovereign self.

  6. Notice and respond to your beautiful needs.

  7. Own both your presence and your potentiality.

  8. Trust the unsafe world.

  9. Speak to and hear from the world.

  10. Let the darkness hold you.

  11. Participate rather than lead.

  12. Harvests.

When internalized, each one of these human capacities is powerful. Taken together, they are magical.

The Format

The program is the tool we will create together to develop yourself and accomplish your goals. We will create the field out beyond leadership. It's the sacred space that has been ritually set off within which extra-ordinary events are free to occur and where visible and invisible meet.

Crossing the threshold from the Roadmapping Terrain to Wayfinding Terrain is a sacramental period in one's life.

We will progress in an action-learning cycle as follows:

  • 12 reflection weeks alternating with 12 action weeks for 24 weeks in total

  • Each reflection week: 1 hour session + mutually agreed upon in-life observations/action/practice

  • Each action week: 1 text/email/phone call review

  • Resources, worksheets, and references as needed

After the program, you will have an opportunity for ongoing support appropriate for you. You won’t be left hanging. If you need it, we will find a plan that allows you to grow in the ways that work for you.

What to Do Next

Here is how to explore the possibility of our work together further:

  1. ► Fill out the contact form below and let me know a bit about your context and your motivation.

  2. If we would be a good match, within 48 hours I will send you a link to schedule an initial 30-minute conversation where both you and I will be able to have our hopes expressed and our questions considered. You will then decide whether to enroll in the Wayfinding Practice Program. If so, we will schedule our very first session.

  3. If there are better ways and means for you to develop yourself and/or achieve your goals at this time, I will share my suggestions with you.

There is no cost to the initial conversation. The program payment is made with Visa/MC/Amex via Paypal. The cost of Wayfinding Practice Program could be deductible as an education/coaching/training business expense.

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