Articles About Samir

“Interfaith movement gains new strength,” Washington Times, 5 April 2010

“People who have a hunger for religious experience can have a taste of it here,” said Samir Selmanovic, the Adventist co-leader.

“An Interview with Samir Selmanovic,” Book Studio, 24 March 2010

What does it mean to be a “Jewish Muslim Atheist Christian?” After interviewing Samir Selmanovic, I’m still not sure—except that it must be a good thing on some level, since Selmanovic radiates joy, compassion, and humor.

“Looking to Other Religions, and to Atheism, for Clarity in Faith,” New York Times, 6 November 2009

Mr. Selmanovic’s thesis in “It’s All About God” is that when religions turn into “God Management Systems” pretending to own God, they turn into idolatry. The quest to find God beyond the boundaries of one’s faith, he argues, has to be moved from occasional conferences resembling interfaith prom parties (“That was really nice. Let’s interfaith again next year.”) to something central.

“10 to Watch in ’10”,, 11 January 2010

He’s a breath of fresh air in interfaith relations! You’ll be hearing a lot more by and about Samir in 2010.

Q&A: Finding God outside our faith tradition, United Methodist Reporter, 15 January 2010

“Atheism 3.0 finds a little more room for religion,” USA Today, 19 October 2009

Atheists are “God’s whistle-blowers,” who keep believers honest and focused on the here-and-now, Selmanovic said.

Inter-Religious Dialogue: Interview with Samir Selmanovic, Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, 7 September 2009